I’m fat. I binge eat when I’m sad and I don’t have to binge eat when I’m not. Considering I’m still fat, it can only mean one thing – I’m unhappy. All thanks to the fatphobes and their never-say-die attitude that kills my happiness little by little.

And no, philosophy and crash diets don’t help. Neither has exercise. I have no justifications to give and I wish I had no fucks to give either.  No matter how hard I try, I just can’t be the kind that doesn’t give fucks. I do have my reasons, which I’m sure you’ll dismiss as “excuses”, so never mind.

This blog is an attempt to come to terms with who I am and explore the possibilities of who I can be. It is an attempt to reach out to others like me and give them my love and hugs (perhaps virtual ones) when they feel left out. It is attempt to tell them that they’re not alone. It’s an attempt at breaking free.

It is a also a vain attempt to make the fatphobes realize that fat people are people too and they too have feelings. It’s an attempt to tell all the fatphobes to teach their children what their parents forgot to teach them – manners. 

If you’re too fat and too furious, you have all rights to be. But let me tell you that I love you no matter who you are and how fat you are.

If you’re a fatphobe who can’t get enough of fat-people jokes, find some place else to be sardonic or make yourself feel better.