Fat Joke #1. Source: Whatsapp

So, I thought (thinking is such a bad, bad idea) after 15+ years my school “friends” would show some maturity, but I was so, so wrong.

A lot of them are still how they used to be. Same poor jokes, same old (supposed) sense of humor, same old I’m-such-a-popular-kid behavior. I was too fat to be popular and no, I don’t hate whoever was popular. I’m glad they have happy childhood memories, while most of them largely contributed towards ruining my childhood. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to forgive them. Someday.

I don’t know these two people in the video and I’m sorry if my sharing this video is inappropriate and hurtful to them. My intentions are anything but bad. If I were to meet this lady in the video, I’d tell her this: Don’t let the kid in you die. You’re goofy and sweet! And that man in the video, thank you for keeping the lady’s company and encouraging her to be silly. I’m sure all that silliness must have taken some weight off her(sic).

And here’s what I want to tell to the asshole who created this video: GO FUCK YOURSELF! 

And to all the stupid “friends” who are think this is funny and can’t stop laughing, you should fuck yourselves too. Especially one particular female who used to be fat herself. It’s ironical that she laughs at fat people because her husband has weight issues and has been trying to lose weight. And it’s the same husband whose money she blew on aerobics classes. 10/10 for being a supportive wife. People never fail to amuse (read annoy) me. *Slow Clap*

Here’s the video: